TITLING Information!

Show us your Teams stuff out on the playing field! We are offering the opportunity to earn titles to teams that want to compete on-line!

If you feel you are ready to take your skills and apply them towards competition, well then, read on!


START – Submit the form below.

ENTRY FEE – This fee must be received in conjunction with, the form below, and your video entry. Please do not send this in ahead of time, it should all come together so there is no confusion on our end. The fee is none refundable, please make sure your TEAM is ready to compete in Titling Events! If your TEAM performs all of the tasks accurately, we will send you a Titling Certificate.
ADDITIONAL HOUSEHOLD DOG/S – buynow (discount for same person with multiple dogs in a single household. This discount is a courtesy to ‘many dog’ households. This does not apply to handlers that wish to earn titles with a friends or relatives dog in addition to their own.)

TEAMS – a Team is the same dog and the same person working through the various Titles together, starting at Level I. If either the handler or dog changes, that ‘new Team’ starts at Level I.

SMALL/SENIOR DOG EXEMPTIONS – Each TITLING Level will have an exemption in distance or time for dogs under 16″ at the withers, or over 9 years of age.

TEAM ETIQUETTE – If you are ready to compete, it means you have done a fair amount of training! Force free, top notch, seamless, and proficient! We would ask that there is respect on both ends of the leash, and both human and dog are under control at all times. Barking is fine, biting is not. Talking and communicating is fine, yelling and screaming are not. Please be kind, use good common sense, choose safe environments, have fun!

LEVELS – You must begin at Level I. Once you have successfully completed the tasks and receive your certificate, you can move to the next level. Each level will have two to four tasks. All tasks must be completed and submitted at the same time. Levels Information!

VIDEO – all entries are by video.

  • You can film each task individually and splice onto one video. All tasks should be on one video entry.
  • All task must be received at the same time for the Level you are trying to achieve. We will not accept individual videos to ‘hold onto’ while you are trying to complete a Level.
  • Video Title must read – YOUR first name, YOUR dogs name, LEVEL (#), WTWL
  • You and your dog must be in the video frame at all times.
  • No editing the video once the task is started.
  • Upload your video to your YouTube channel and send the link to nancy@ pawsandpeople.com. You can mark your video as ‘public’ or ‘ unlisted’. Please do not mark it private.

The WTWL Titling Events are for TEAMS that are ready for competition level events. They are challenging for both the handler and dog, this is competition, and you should have these skills or be working towards refining them. We support force free, positive training methods. Both you and your dog should be enjoying your time out on the playing field and in front of the camera. We will not accept videos of dogs being mishandled physically or verbally, and there is no refund. Please make sure this is for you before signing up!


No league play this season 2022-23WORLD TREIBBALL WINTER LEAGUE – PLAYERS/VIDEO/AUDIT ENTRY – An interactive, international, and supportive on-line community that will be entering the 12th season of league play in 2022-23! The WTL Matches are designed to make you think, challenge your skills, stretch your creativity in training, and help you create a seamless  WORLD TREIBBALL TEAM. We offer eight matches per season, spaced two weeks apart.


LEVEL A – beginners, refresher, refinement, building a strong foundation

LEVEL B – advanced, budding advanced, high level player, super strong skills with both directionals and distance

ELITE – players should be at a world elite level and be ready to gamble! Each Team will start with a ‘bank of points’ and will gamble their points, a little or a lot with each match.  

TITLING EVENTS – for Teams that have the skills and are looking to compete and earn TITLES. This is individual, independent, on your own time, at your own pace, and for those that are ready for a challenge. Video entry only at this time

The League hopes to inspire teams in the ART & SKILL of treibball. Whether you want to play in your yard or in a more competitive setting, our Matches & Tasks will help you blow the doors wide open on your training. It’s the creative steps along the way that encourage Team!

This is how it works!

Simple is our goal!

For Titling information go to the TITLING page.

Make sure to also click FOLLOW in the upper right corner of our site, this ensures that you will receive an e-mail post when a Match or related post is posted.

We will then send you the League password. All posts are ‘Protected’, meaning only league players can see them. This allows for a posting safe community, freedom to ask questions in regards to a certain match, a safe environment where we support teams while they are learning and growing, and video posting that is also private.

LEAGUE MATCHES – There will be two league matches per month. Each league match will have a different task/s related to the various elements of treibball and should accommodate new players as well as more advanced players. There will always be ‘choices’. Points will be designated per match, they tend to vary per match.

VIDEO – We have pushers all over the world, this way everyone can play. VIDEO entries will be uploads to your youtube channel, and then the link posted under that weeks match/ task blog post (they will be #).

THE GOOD STUFF – Everyone will receive a Certificate of Pushing Excellence for participating. HIGH score in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere will receive a Certificate of High in Points in (N or S) Hemisphere.

We support force free, reward based training. No aversive handling or corrections allowed. This League is all about Team, so both members of the Team need to be treated with kindness and respect. We want to see great sportsmanship on both ends of the playing field. If you need this to be defined any further, then our league may not be right for you.


Nancy Tanner
World Pusher

NOTE:  If you are really interested in more specifics, want more in your area, you can contact me for a workshop.


  1. Just to be clear, What is covered by the $25 fee. Will we have to re register and pay another fee for each of the four tasks in Level 1? The following levels, 2, 3, etc?
    Are there deadlines for submissions for a level’s tasks?


    1. Hi Nancy,
      No it will be two to four task per level. Each level has one fee. When you have all of the task in that level filmed, send them in with your fee. If it is all accurate as per the directions. You will be sent a Titling Certificate. The Levels will be added during this week. It looks like there will be 5 or 6 total.

  2. Ok, I think I got it. There’s no pre-registration then. Complete the tasks for a single level, pay fee when video(s) are submitted. If all good, repeat for the next level. Yes?

  3. I’m sorry. I’m confused about when to pay. We can’t go ahead and pay now? If we don’t pay now, how will I be able to access the tasks?

    1. Yes if you sign up , pay and submit your video all at the same time it makes the office less confusing. 😉 Let me know if you can find the link on the side bar for

  4. Oops. Nevermind. I found the link with the tasks. I was so excited about it, I missed seeing the link. LOL This is going to be FUN!

    1. Well I should have read thru everything before commenting! Answered your last one, yes I think the TITLING challenges will be great for those looking for a more competitive outlet!

  5. So when it comes time to add our videos, it will be in a private email to you this time rather than as with the Winter league where our videos were on the League page and able to be viewed by everyone ? Is that right Nancy ?

    1. correct, because these are actually viewed for accuracy, and that all tasks were spot on, no aversives, etc. After you receive an e-mail from me ‘yes or no’ Than you can post where ever you like. And I will probably post the Titles Earned videos on our group page on facebook as well. I will most likely add another page on this site for TITLED TEAMS – so everyone can see who is doing what!

  6. Okay, thanks for that.
    For some reason replies aren’t coming through to my email either even though I’ve ticked the box below and confirmed. It’s been happening with a couple of them.

    1. I am seeing all of your posts, I would just do a hard refresh on your computer to see if that helps. Or put the address for this site in your – e-mail confirmed list so it doesn’t go to junk or spam.

  7. I’ve tried with the usual email address but it won’t
    send me a confirm email so I’m using my other one.
    Can you just do a test reply to see if I’m in the system again.
    Thanks Nancy.

    1. yes this came through fine. I don’t think this particular server sends confirmation posts with e-mail posts? Not sure. But when you post, because things are getting kind of rock and roll right now with entries for the Summer League. Give me about 1-2 days to respond, especially over the weekends. That will most likely be the norm.

  8. Yes it does send confirm emails where we get the option to change how often we want to get emails from wordpress. It did confirm the second email and I got your reply this time so looking good this time.

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