MATCH #1 – November – 7th (small)

MATCH #2 – November 14th (small)

MATCH #3 – November 21st (big)

MATCH #4 – December 5th (small)

MATCH #5 – December 12th (small)

MATCH #6 – December 19th (big)

MATCH #7 -January 2nd (small)

MATCH #8 – January 9th (small)

MATCH #9 – January 16th (big)

MATCH #10 – February 6th (all players)

  1. Simple is our goal!
  2. For League information go to the SIGNING UP page, send us your form and league payment.
  3. Make sure to also click FOLLOW in the upper right corner of our site, this ensures that you will receive an e-mail post when a Match or related post is posted.
  4. We will then send you the League password. All posts are ‘Protected’, meaning only league players can see them. This allows for a posting safe community, freedom to ask questions in regards to a certain match, a safe environment where we support teams while they are learning and growing, and video posting that is also private.
  5. LEAGUE MATCHES – There will be two league matches per month. Each league match will have a different task/s related to the various elements of treibball and should accommodate new players as well as more advanced players. There will always be ‘choices’. Points will be designated per match, they tend to vary per match.
  6. VIDEO – We have pushers all over the world, this way everyone can play.;-) VIDEO entries will be uploads to your youtube channel, listed as UNLISTED, and then the link posted under that weeks match/ task blog post (they will be #).
  7. THE GOOD STUFF – Everyone will receive a Certificate of Pushing Excellence for participating. HIGH score in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere will receive an additional Certificate of High in Points in (N or S) Hemisphere.
  8. We support force free, positive based training. No aversive handling or corrections allowed. This League is all about Team, so both members of the Team need to be treated with kindness and respect. We want to see great sportsmanship on both ends of the playing field. If you need this to be defined any further than our league may not be right for you.

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