• NO REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED OR HELD BEFORE SEPTEMBER 20th, 2019, please wait until the opening date
  • UNLIMITED TEAMS this year! Both video and audit – TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!
  • $125 per Team, there will be multiple household dog discount of $60 for each additional dog
  • 8 MATCHES, two weeks apart – November thru February (dates to be announced)
  • PASSWORD PROTECTED LEAGUE – we operate as a GIANT INTERNATIONAL TEAM and ask that you do not share
  • 3 LEVELS this year
    • LEVEL A – beginners, refresher, refinement, building a strong foundation
    • LEVEL B – advanced, budding advanced, high level player, super strong skills with both directionals and distance
    • ELITE – players should be at a world elite level and be ready to gamble! Each Team will start with a ‘bank of points’ and will gamble their points, a little or a lot with each match.
  • THE THEME – ssshhhhhh! It’s still a secret!

And as always, this is about the ART & SKILL of each Team, how you work and create together!

Let’s get rolling! Nancy

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