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WELCOME 2022-23

30 DTC NOW CLOSED – we will schedule the next one later in 2023 – Thank you!

30 DAY TRAINING CHALLENGE. Each day a New Skill will be posted, with description and video. These skills are the foundation to a working relationship and good for beginners through advanced. This is not WTL specific, in fact these would be the skills BEFORE you start playing Treibball.

  • This is a great way to stay accountable and also to build really good handler discipline, especially through the holidays.
  • This will be password protected, and you will receive the password upon pay/reg.
  • You can join the challenge at anytime, NOVEMBER thru DECEMBER 31st – but it will go live on the 15th.
    • If you start on the 15th with this challenge, each day a password protected e-mail will come to you, super easy reminder.
  • The GOAL of the 30 DAY TRAINING CHALLENGE is to work on the one skill specifically.
    • After the one skill for that day has been given some time, you can of course add the previous skills for more practice, patterns, and drills
    • You do not need to be fluent in a skill in just one day, but each day will have that ONE SKILL FOCUS
    • Over 30 days, all of the skills should be progressing forward


  1. Nancy,
    I’m going to sign up for league participation. Do I also have to sign up for the education section too?, Or when I sign up for the league participation, I will automatically be involved in the education section as well?

    1. Hi Debbie, if you sign up for video it is everything. education option is for those wanting to learn but not participate with video entry or league points. let me know if this helps

    1. Hi Ann D. Our Spring Training Camp is on-line, and it is 5 weeks long of intensive foundation work. We have players from all over the world, so this is the best way for everyone to learn together. The registration is on the SIGN UP page. You can still join if you would like, VIDEO or EDUCATIONAL, and just do some catch up. We are starting our 3rd week today.
      Thanks, Nancy

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