Our 30 DAY TRAINING CHALLENGE is now closed.

I received so much positive feedback, and I loved hearing how the challenges were received each day and how they were keeping Teams focused during the holidays.

While some challenges were easy for some times, they were super challenging for others. This blend is a great thing, as it creates such great variety.

Well Mama Beetz and I used this challenge as part of her conditioning during pregnancy.

I can tell you towards the end she wanted to work but not too much, and didn’t really want food rewards. I was thinking she either had one monster size pup taking up all of the room, or lots of little ones. Either way, she was getting bigger by the day.

In the wee hours of 12/29 she delivered 7 nice size puppies – 4 females and 3 males, all of them are super healthy and thriving and I am putting out daily posts on their development over at SEXY BEAST BORDER COLLIES – If you are interested in a puppy, all of the information on parents and lineage are on that site, as well as my contact information.

Today, the puppies are 5 days old, and Mama Beetz is again enjoying our daily training, chores with the goats, and distance practice. I think she is super stoked to have room to eat again, and to move without 7 littles on the inside.

A super Happy New Year to you all, and thank you again for stepping out and trying a new training challenge!


  1. Thank you Nancy and Everyone! This was fantastic.
    Congratulations on the beautiful puppies!!!

    This is late, but we finally took some training videos today. I am not sure if I can still post them here…

  2. Thank YOU! It was very fun. Skye and I worked on a few new moves and so much of the basic info has been perfect for teaching little Nova. We three will continue to hone our skills. It’s so fun to hear about Mama Beetz and her babies. I sure know about puppies not knowing day from night….but it’s getting better. Fortunately you have Mama to take the night shift. You can stay in bed and enjoy the gurgles.

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  3. We are still working on things too as I also took notes to keep track of progress & how much we are achieving. Thanks again

  4. Thank you for the challenge. It’s been loads of fun and we keep practicing! Even grumpy Eddie enjoyed it.

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