Fay – 11/10/20

Good Morning Everyone,
Fay & Keira from Australia – One of our original Teams, and one of the Top Teams in the world – Please watch this video, it will drop your jaw, with the dynamic energy and skill ❤ PLEASE WATCH

Fay lost her two year battle with cancer yesterday. I have heard from several of her training friends throughout Australia, Fay was loved by A LOT of people, and equally as respected.

Keira is now living with her good friend and outstanding trainer Hilary, and Stevie (one of the original dogs in our league) and Jazz are in the families loving homes ❤

The past two seasons, Fay and Keira started our WTWL out super strong but were not able to finish because of treatments Fay was doing for her health. She didn’t want any of you to know as she wanted your season to be bright and filled with the joy of working with your dog.

I never met Fay in person but we were some how connected in this lifetime and found lots of comfort in our correspondence over the years.

Just so you all know, in my International WTWL, if we never meet face to face, that is okay, but don’t mistake that for not having a meaningful relationship with me ❤

So cheers to Fay ❤ Your quiet power and kindness will be in my heart, Nancy Tanner

This is from the club in Australia PLEASE READ


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